Laying laminate and vinyl floors in Niagara

Laying laminate and vinyl floors in Niagara

Ms Africa June 15, 2024

If you are thinking about renovation in your house or apartment, then you probably faced the question of choosing a floor covering. Laminate and vinyl flooring are among the most popular options today. They combine durability, aesthetics and practicality. Laminate and vinyl floor installation Niagara is a service that will help you quickly and efficiently transform your living space.

Why choose laminate and vinyl floors?

Laminate is an artificial material that consists of several layers: decorative, protective and base. It imitates various types of natural coatings, such as wood or stone, which allows you to choose an option for any interior.

Advantages of laminate flooring:

  1. Accessibility: Laminate is much cheaper than natural materials, but it does not differ much from them in appearance. You can choose a laminate with the texture of oak, maple, pine and other popular woods.
  2. Damage resistance: Laminate is not afraid of bumps and scratches, which makes it an ideal choice for families with children and pets. Special protective coatings on the surface provide additional strength.
  3. Easy installation: Laminate laying can be done even without special skills, which significantly reduces repair costs. There is a “floating floor” system in which the panels are simply connected to each other without glue.

Vinyl floors are flexible and durable coverings that are ideal for rooms with high humidity, such as a kitchen or bathroom. They also mimic various natural materials and have a variety of colors and textures.

Advantages of vinyl floors

  1. Moisture resistance: Vinyl floors are not afraid of water, which makes them an ideal choice for rooms with high humidity. Due to this, they are perfectly suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and even in the basement.
  2. Easy to care for: Vinyl floors are easy to care for, just wipe them with a damp cloth. They do not require special cleaning tools and can easily withstand daily use.
  3. Durability: Vinyl coatings last a long time and do not lose their appearance over time. They are resistant to stains, scratches and sunlight.

The laying process

Before you start laying laminate or vinyl floors, you must carefully prepare the base. It should be smooth, clean and dry. Any irregularities can lead to deformation of the coating and reduce its service life. The installation process:

  1. Cleaning the base: Remove all debris, dust and dirt. If necessary, use a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Level the surface: If there are irregularities on the base, use special leveling mixtures.
  3. Humidity check: The base must be completely dry. Otherwise, there is a risk of mold and mildew under the coating.

Laying laminate flooring

A special substrate is used for laying laminate, which provides sound insulation and shock absorption. The laminate is laid using a “floating floor” system, which means that the panels are not attached to the base, but are connected to each other using locks. This allows the coating to “breathe” and compensate for small movements of the base. The installation process:

  1. Substrate selection: Use a substrate that is suitable for your laminate type and operating conditions.
  2. Laying the first row: Start laying from the corner of the room, leaving a small gap from the wall to compensate for temperature expansions.
  3. Panel docking: Connect the panels to each other at an angle by snapping the locks. Continue laying, moving towards the opposite wall.

Laying vinyl floors

Vinyl floors can be laid in several ways: on glue, by the locking method or on a self-adhesive base. Each method has its own characteristics, but in any case it is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and carefully prepare the base. The installation process:

  1. Glue method: Apply the glue to the base, following the manufacturer’s instructions, and lay the vinyl tiles, pressing them tightly to the surface.
  2. Locking method: Vinyl panels are connected to each other according to the lock principle, as well as laminate. This ensures a reliable and tight connection.
  3. Self-adhesive base: Remove the protective film from the back of the tile and glue it to the prepared base.


Choosing a floor covering is an important step in the renovation of your home. Laminate and vinyl floors are great options that combine beauty and practicality. Laying laminate and vinyl floors in Niagara is a service that will help you transform your living space without unnecessary hassle. Contact the professionals and enjoy the result for many years to come. With the right choice of material and qualified installation, your new floor will delight you for years.