Why Africa? Why Egypt?


Africa is an emerging continental market consisting of 54 countries and 1.1 billion people with regional GDP growth projected to strengthen to 5.2 percent yearly in 2015-16. Significant investments are planned in infrastructure, housing, tourism


Egypt is one of the most dynamic and active African markets. The country enjoys a privileged geographical position making it a candidate for the role of hub for Africa and the Middle East.

The 2015-16 GDP is expected to reach 4.3 (source: Ministry of Finance).


From Egypt to the world: no tariff barrier!

Over the years, Egypt has signed various multilateral and bilateral trade agreements that give the country access to the world’s largest markets and present excellent opportunity for profitable investment and growing trade.

Egypt is member in several agreeements:

COMESA –Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa: Comesa creates a free trade area among the 19 member states – Burundi, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

AGADIR: Agadir agreement grants Egypt a free trade access to Morocco, Jordan, and Tunisia in addition to a rules of origin advantage (Pan-European rules of origin)

QIZ protocol: grants Egypt free duty access to the US market (300 million customers)

Egypt – Turkey FTA

GAFTA – Greater Arab Free Trade Area: ratified by 18 States of the Arab League – Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bahrein, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen – reached full trade liberalization of goods through the full exemption of customs duties and charges

Egypt – MERCOSUR (Latin American countries) FTA

Agreement with The Eurasian Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan) for the pipeline

EU – Egypt Association Agreement: grants Egypt preferential access to the EU market (500 million customers)

Egypt- EFTA (European Free Trade Association) Agreement: grants Egypt free trade access to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland in industrial and processed agricultural products

59 agreements on double taxation and 71 bilateral investment treaties signed and in effect


Big projects and investment opportunities

The Egyptian Government medium term development strategy has targeted high potential sectors: infrastructure, housing & utilities (1.15 million new housing units will be built over 5 years), tourism, transport & logistics. Key objective is to improve overall infrastructure and housing quality and to bring about the transformation of Egypt’s economic base through reforms and projects that boost productivity and encourage sustainable private sector-led growth.

Egypt plans to promote about 60 projects (public and private) in the upcoming years, with the aim of luring fresh investments to boost its limping economy. For example:


–       West Cairo City Center Project: a prime location in West Cairo to host 30.000 habitants

–       October Oasis Mega Urban Development Project: a mixed-use and fully integrated urban development project in    the 6th of October City

–       6th of October Urban Oasis: an integrated multi-purpose real estate project located in the 6th of October city

–       Marabet Equestrian & Sport Facilities Complex: an equestrian and sports center with real estate development in the suburbs of Cairo

–       Zayed Crystal Spark: Development of an iconic tower, surrounded by a mall, an office park, a lake, and residential units in the 6th of October City

–       Zayed Central Park: a high-end residential and commercial development project in a prime location (heart of   Zayed City)

–       Sheikh Zayed Integrated Residential Project: flagship real estate investment in a prime location (Sheikh Zayed)

–       10th of Ramadan Knowledge Village: development of an integrated knowledge complex in 10th of Ramadan

–       Mokattam Residential & Commercial Complex: a landmark real estate complex in Mokattam area

–       North Coast South Marina: development of an integrated leisure/marina complex in a prime location of the Western North Coast area

–       Al Ismaelia Urban Revitalization Project: invest in a real estate company focused on the renovation of prime assets in Downtown Cairo

–       Helwan Wastewater Treatment Plant: wastewater treatment plant to be developed under a PPP scheme

–       Hurghada Desalination Plant: wastewater desalination plant to be developed under a PPP scheme

–       Sharm El Sheikh Desalination Plant: wastewater desalination plant to be developed under a PPP scheme


–       Safaga Industrial Port: development & upgrade of the Safaga port under a PPP scheme

–       Special Economic Zone North West Gulf of Suez (SEZone): an investment opportunity within a special economic zone at the heart of the Suez Gulf


–       Marsa Wazar Tourist Center – Red Sea: investment opportunity to create an innovative tourism resort in an up-and-coming leisure destination

–       6th of October Touristic City: a mixed-use touristic development in the proximity of the Great Pyramids of Giza

–       Gamsha Bay Leisure Complex: prime location for the development of a new integrated Red Sea leisure complex

–       Papyrus Private Equity Tourism Fund: invest in a tourism-focused private equity fund

–       Waterfront Festival World Complex: a prominent beachfront project located at the heart of Sahl Hasheesh

–       Egyptian Tourism Development Company (ETDCO): land development opportunity in Sahl Hasheesh

–       Port Ghalib Projects: a diversified portfolio of projects within Port Ghalib, 65km North of Marsa Alam


–       Cairo Airport City – Aerocity: development of leisure and office areas as part of the Cairo Airport City mega project

–       Nile River Bus Ferry: development of the Nile River transportation network

–       Port Said East Container Terminal 2 (CT2): investment opportunity to develop a new container terminal at East Port Said Port

–       Ain Sokhna – Helwan Single Track Freight Railway: railway connecting Helwan, Ain Sokhna Port and the cement industrial zone

–       6th of October Dry Port: investment opportunity to develop a dry port and a value-added logistics center near the 6th of October city

–       Light Rail Line Linking Ramses Square to Alf Maskan: light rail serving up to 180,000 passengers daily in a congested Cairo corridor

–       Bus Rapid Transit Line Linking New Cairo to Nasr City: 32km bus rapid transit line serving up to 345,000 passengers daily


–       Wonder World Commercial City: an innovative retail development complex close to the Suez Canal

–       Grain Logistics Hub in Damietta: investment opportunity in grain logistic facilities at Damietta Port