» Veronafiere Events in Africa for the Construction Sector

The construction industry in Africa is currently enjoying a boom and there are major openings and opportunities for foreign companies.

According to recent research conducted by Deloitte many investors have been keenly putting their capital into the African market and they are ripping big from their investments.

According to the report, in 2016 single family residential will grow 17.9 percent, lodging will grow 9.8 percent, health care will grow 3.9 percent, power and energy 4.6 percent and the office building market is forecast to grow 6.8 percent.

Veronafiere is focusing on two interesting countries in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa: Ethiopia and Egypt. Both enjoy ideal geographical locations as strategic hubs (Ethiopia gateway for winning markets in East Africa, while Egypt is the bridge between Africa, Europe and the Middle East); both countries have signed important trade agreements ensuring business with other countries on preferential terms or zero import duty (both Ethiopia and Egypt are members of COMESA, for example, the agreement establishing a free trade area among 20 or so African countries with 380 million potential consumers).


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» Special focus – Construction market in Mozambique, Ghana, Ethiopia

Mozambique is a country of only 23 million people in the center-south of the African continent. Yet for the past few years the country has often been among the preferred destinations of system-missions from Italy. 

The reason, of course, is oil: the Mamba Eni area has discovered its largest gas field. However, when one country becomes interested in another for its energy resources, things start with them but inevitably bring along a broader package of undertakings, with the infrastructure sector in the front line.